Unless you were crazy, you wouldn’t turn up at Twickenham to play the All Blacks with your Saturday pub team. So why go to trial with only your criminal defence lawyer as your team when you are up against the might of the Police and CPS? We will investigate on you’re behalf and work to obtain the evidence the Police may “choose” not to obtain to prove your defence case.

Once charged we will follow up every lead you may have to prove your innocence, nationally or internationally.

Once convicted we will look for “new evidence” for your CCRC application.

Qualified specialist in recorded/transcribed witness statement analysis to detect signs of deceit or guidance for new evidence.

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Covering the UK, Lewis Legal Miscarriages of Justice Investigations UK  are one of the UK's premier truly professional Miscarriages of Justice Investigation firm, choosing to specialise in Miscarriages of Justice and evidence gathering for CCRC applications, Pre-trial hearings and at the point immediately post arrest, Private Prosecutions, providing professional, discrete and confidential results, whether your case centres around a criminal (pretrial or post trial) or civil matter. 

Discretion and complete confidentiality is guaranteed at all times throughout your investigation of whatever the nature.


Specialist Investigation Services Into…

  • Miscarriages of Justice Investigations

  • Gathering evidence for your defence prior too your trial

  • Awaiting Criminal or Civil Court Proceedings

  • Private Prosecutions Evidence Gathering

  • Domestic Abuse Case Preparations

  • MG11 or S9/Witness Statement Analysis

  • Police Station Video Recording Analysis for signs of deceit

  • Criminal Case Evidence Gathering

  • Historical Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Investigations - Gathering evidence and assisting with CICA claims and victim support

  • Evidence Gathering Within The Law


Our Services

We provide our Investigation Services nationally. Call in complete confidence to arrange an initial telephone interview to discuss your case and your options.

About us

Lewis Legal Miscarriage of Justice Investigations UK  traces its roots back to a small but perfectly formed investigation company covering most arenas of investigations back in 2008